Our Process

The Baird McNutt processing facility John Hanna Limited, sits alongside the river Kellswater on the outskirts of the village of Kells, near Ballymena in County Antrim.

Established in 1798, it used the immense power of the Kellswater to bruise corn. As the flax industry was introduced to Ireland, it began to scutch the flax straw to produce linen. Then in the 19th century, making use of the available water, it began fabric bleaching and built a reputation as one of the finest finishers of apparel linen.


The processes used today combine the methods and skills learnt over the past 200 years, with the most modern and efficient of today's machinery. This allows us to produce a range of finishes, from traditional calendared, to the casual soft AIRO touch, including fully shrunk washable and easy-care products.


Extensive colours, from our superior white, through to soft pastels and vibrant bright colours

Our processes, while giving the highest quality product, are designed to employ the most energy efficient preparation bleach and dyeing methods. We pride ourselves in our low energy and water consumption rates per kilo of material. This is one of the reasons we can offer the genuine Irish product at an affordable price.