Producing high quality Irish Linen since 1912

Baird McNutt Irish Linen is steeped in tradition and knowledge, gained over 100 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves in using traditional Irish methods to produce the highest quality material. Our Irish linen is renowned amongst designers worldwide.

At Baird McNutt we offer you the genuine Irish Linen brand, at an affordable price.

The family business of Baird was established in 1912. The original factory was one of the last built as part of the Irish linen revolution. It was equipped with four hundred Atherton looms, which had been modified from the cotton trade. The factory mainly manufactured piece goods for the handkerchief trade in the USA, where the largest market was at that time.

The company survived the depression of the 1930's and prospered but the demand for linen handkerchiefs disappeared as fashion changed.

The company took the decision in the late 1960's to change from handkerchief production to apparel production. At this time Italy was at the forefront of the fashion industry and fabrics were developed for Armani and other leading fashion designers. In Ireland the company acquired the dyeing and finishing works of John Hanna in Kells. Dating from 1798, this company was the world specialist in linen suiting. Baird modernised the company to become the leading finishing works in Ireland, offering the unique Irish linen finish. At the same time the company was offered the design services of the McNutt family in Donegal. The combination of the two families created the brand Baird McNutt Irish linen, which is known throughout the world.

Our Irish linen is a unique brand built on centuries of tradition and skill. In the world of mass market production, it stands out as a beacon of true authenticity.